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We deal with much sadness, seeing awesome pets abandoned, lost, and surrendered, we thought it was time to share the joy that makes it all worth it! Please contact us (either here or our Facebook page, TailwaggersNWA) with your stories so that the public can see how very special shelter dogs are. Remember the old saying “one man’s trash is another’s treasure”. So true with shelter animals!!  PLEASE SHARE OUR PAGE!!



Pablo is a happy boy and much loved!!  Thank you for the update!!


Here is a happy love story. Molly the lab went into foster two days ago when her owner could no longer care for her. Thank you @Ed & Cindy Ruffing for fostering on such short notice. Molly came to our adoption event today and so did Connor Smith. age 12. When the two met it was love at first sight. Connor took her out of the kennel and they walked around for a while. Molly kept turning around to make sure Connor was doing okay and Connor kept checking on Molly. A true love story. He pulled his money out to pay for the adoption and two of our volunteers Christopher Dean Goins and Misty Goins insisted on sponsoring the adoption. Thank you, Robin Holmes Smith, for choosing our event to come to in finding a companion for Connor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So another happy ending to a very happy Friday. Abbott is now Jack and living a great life on the hill and ironically by city lake where he was found. Jack went into his forever home Wednesday and now has a fluffy bed and blanket, toys, a stay at home mom and chicken & rice for dinner every night. Thank you, Bob & Becky Hoffman, for adopting our sweet adorable Abbott/Jack. You will always be remembered but, please know we have many others like him waiting at your local shelters. Sweet life my handsome man.

July, 2018

A group of dumped dogs, 3 adults and 2 puppies, were reported and a rescuer dropped everything and went on the search.  The group was found near a Creek off New Life Ranch Road.  The rescue lady knew she needed help and got on Facebook and told what she knew.  Members of our group responded and met up.  Live humane traps were set up and hot dogs were loaded, and they waited.  At dark, they went home and met again in the morning.   The male was in 1 trap and a female in another.  More to go!  Next morning, another, a female, about the same size as the male captured.  Next day, the other female was found, run over and killed.  The group was only more determined to save the puppies.   More helpers showed up and were able to corner the puppies and capture.   All were severe cases of Sarcoptic Mange, which is highly contageous.  The puppies were treated and adopted immediately and were taken home with medications to cure them.  The 2 adults went into foster.  Couple of months later, both healed and pretty again, the male adult was adopted.  Our foster, Connie Faulk, kept bonding with Molly, the remaining adult female, and adopted her.  Now, almost 4 yrs later, Molly is a most spoiled and loved little girl!  Sometimes, it takes a bad situation to put the right dog with the right person!

November 2019

Jersey came to the Decatur Shelter as a “hold”.   She was involved in a domestic abuse case and was held pending outcome for several months. She was so sweet and patient!   Once available for adoption, potential adopters visited but didn’t take her home.  She was so shy, when visitors came, she hid and only came out when they would leave.  She developed a cough and was taken to the Vet, where it was learned she had heart disease.  Our hopes were running low for this special little girl.  Another month went by.  Then Jersey came into Kathleen and John’s radar.  They had followed her stay at the Shelter and decided, they needed to go meet her.  They came and and whereas, Jersey never before cared to visit with a potential adopter, this time it was different.  Kathleen got down on the ground and Jersey climbed into her lap like they had already met and were “family”  Needless to say, we were all tearing up.  A wise friend told me once,  how to know if an adoption is good, “let the dog choose”. Well, rest is history.  Jersey still has a heart condition and may not live a long life, but the life she leads will be filled with love and plenty of kisses! Thankyou Kathleen and John!

UPDATE:  Jersey’s condition worsened (as expected) and she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She took a part of our hearts with her.

If you know of a success story or are a rescue adopter and want to share your story, please contact us here with your name, phone and the name of the animal (the name we knew them by) rescued and we will feature your story!!

Animal rescue working with Siloam Springs, W. Siloam Springs, Gravette & Decatur Animal Shelters and Paws Place in rural Colcord.

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