About Us

Tailwaggers, Inc., is a volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3)organization devoted to improving the lives of pets and pet owners through education, spaying/neutering, fostering and adopting otherwise abandoned, abused and neglected animals. The challenge is to raise enough funds to continue the various services we provide. 100% of ALL funds raised are used to support the animals and their needs.

Some of the many things our organization does:

  • Volunteers spend time at the Siloam Springs Animal Shelter socializing cats and dogs to help ensure they’re highly adoptable and regularly walking dogs for daily exercise (as well as increased adoptability)
  • Help subsidize the cost of spaying and neutering adoptable animals, which has lowered the euthanasia rate at Siloam Springs Animal Shelter from 75% down to 15% over the past three years
  • Assist with paying for immunizations and medical emergencies for injured or abandoned animals at the Animal Shelter
  • Help obtain donations from corporate sponsors and private contributors of food, supplies, toys, and treats for shelter animals
  • Pay for transporting adoptable animals to other states that have strict spay and neuter laws where families are waiting to adopt them from the shelter
  • Maintain a food bank for pet owners in financial distress
  • Volunteers also host adoption events, participate in various community events in an effort to bring shelter animals and prospective adoptees together, and sponsor fund-raising events 

We also work with “Second Chance Kittens” rescue group, who takes shelter cats to PetSmart twice a month to find homes for roughly 20 to 30 cats that would otherwise be euthanized

Animal rescue working with Siloam Springs, W. Siloam Springs, Gravette & Decatur Animal Shelters and Paws Place in rural Colcord.

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